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A student-led non-profit aiming to spread awareness about mental health through creating music.

Check out our Summer Songwriting Camp!

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Sign Up Deadline: June 18th

Dates: Saturday afternoons, on June 22, June 29, and July 6. Exact times TBD

About Us

Music for Mental Health (MMH) is a Canadian youth-led non-profit dedicated to raising awareness for mental health through music creation.


We encourage discussion surrounding mental health by promoting artistic self-expression in creating and collaborating on original music. Our goal is to create a network of musicians, mental health enthusiasts, professionals, and community members in using music as a way to share experiences with mental health, in addition to taking on musical projects ourselves to shed light on underrepresented or stigmatized mental health needs in the community.

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Bringing Change


At Music For Mental Health, we write songs to raise awareness about mental health issues faced by our community members. We encourage youths to share their experiences, stories, and lessons about mental health through song lyrics and other evocative musical creations.


With this initiative, our goal is to help educate and destigmatize mental health issues through music and resources. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today.


As a student-led and student-directed organization, we aim to engage with our community by asking for feedback on our works prior to releasing as well as hold free open workshops for songwriting and composition.

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